Driving Lessons with Alect Driving School

Alect Driving School Curriculum


Building a Foundation

– Preparing to drive
– Vehicle controls
– Moving off and stopping
– Steering
– Changing gears
– Scanning / Observation
– Reversing


Traffic SKills

– Simple traffic
– Parking
– Complex traffic


Low Risk Driving

– Speed management
– Road positioning
– Decision making
– Responding to hazards


Building Experience

– Driving at night
– Driving in adverse conditions
(Eg. Rain)
– Motorway and Cityway driving
– Preparing for the driving test

We understand that each student has different needs.

Our driving lessons are of a high standard and whether you are sitting behind the wheel for the first time or just looking to sharpen your driving skills before the test, we offer lessons to suit your specific needs.

Automatic Driving Lessons – $55 / hour
Manual Driving Lessons – $60 / hour
RTA Driving Test – From $150 – $170
– 1 hour warm-up drive beforehand
– the hire of the car for the L’s test with the RTA

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